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Collecting as a Hobby

What is a collecting hobby?

HAVE YOU SEEN sometimes accumulating objects that "someday" you might need? If that day never comes, over time you will have to discard everything that does not work at all. Now, there are many people who, curious as it may seem, enjoy collecting items that may never have a practical use. They are people whose hobby is collecting. Collecting hobby go after the traditional: stones, stamps or old coins. Others are passionate about collecting dolls, stuffed animals, spoons, medals, postcards, antiques, musical recordings; holiday memories ... the possibilities are endless.

Collecting hobby as an art is very interesting because once you start to acquire the first work it is very likely that the client begins to investigate more the artist's career or the period to which it belongs, either through readings of books or articles on the subject or even travel to learn more about him. It is here where collecting pieces of art become a pleasure that improves the quality of life and expands the intellect of the person. The whole process is addictive, from the research and selection of the pieces either through art galleries, or visiting exhibitions and museums to sit in a room to enjoy and appreciate your collection along with a good wine or coffee interiorizing you in the world of those artists.

Anyone can be an art collector, art is for everyone. The only thing that is required is to have the pleasure to have it and desire to collect it. You also have to be honest with yourself, feeling the rejection or attraction to a piece. "In art, there are no divisions; all proposals and artistic techniques have a place and an audience." Collecting hobby allows art to take a breath and stay alive. And it is also an act of creation. Although a good majority of people own books because they are fond of reading, there are also numerous cases in which the love for books goes something further and devote their attention in the book as an object regardless of the liking they may feel for reading.

There are also collectors who look for books only for their value as an antique object, in the same way as any other object created many years ago or centuries ago. This hobby of collecting books is called "bibliophilia" although on certain occasions it is also popularly called "bibliomanía". In spite of this, it is necessary not to confuse this last definition with the obsessive-compulsive disorder of accumulating books indistinctly of their interest or value. Truly the collector of books is quite different from the simple accumulator of books at random or those who wish to read. This collecting hobby is similar to the typical collection of coins or stamps, even for the fact that it can be an economic and simple activity considering the huge current offer.

Like all collections, always depend on the budget you want or can allocate to thicken it, being obviously more expensive those rare or old specimens. Extreme cases aside, it would hardly be said that the idea of collecting objects is particular to our days since ancient times there has been an interest in accumulating, for example, enormous quantities of books and manuscripts.

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