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Animal fancy


Animal fancy as a Hobby

If you have the desire to have a pet, first of all, you must know that having a pet is not a hobby. Domestic animals are living creatures that possess intelligence and emotions that deserve responsible nurturing and proper care. Providing optimal conditions for the development of your pet is not optional, but it is indispensable for a conscious possession.
In this article, we will be emphasizing on animal fancy as a hobby, especially with the theme of dogs, snakes, game fish, reptiles, and others. Having a pet of these is not a problem; the problem is in having it as a fun toy.

Dog-like animal fancy as hobby

Your dog would give his her life for you, it is loyal and your best friend. For that, you must know the way to kept it healthy. Besides providing basic things such as food, water, a home, veterinary attention and doing exercises, there exists some advice that is essential for the care of your dog.

• Avoid holding it frequently, try to resist this temptation, because its body is very delicate. If you do, first place one hand on its back and another under the chest, lift it with both hands and hold it next to your body for it be safe.

• Take care of its hygiene, regular brushing is essential for young dogs, because it removes dead hair, dirt, and parasites; In addition, it stimulates the blood circulation to the skin, which generates a coat that looks healthier and brighter. Use a special team for this action.

• As for the bathroom, do it only when you need it because too many washes can remove essential oils from the skin, making it frail. To do it, use a bathtub or shower, warm water, and a quality shampoo. Rub, trying not to splash water in the eyes and ears. Dry it vigorously with a towel and make sure your pet is completely dry.

Snake-like animal fancy as a hobby

If you have the fantasy of acquiring a serpent to take it as a pet, you must bear in mind many things that go beyond just whether the pet is fashionable, nice or simply unique.

You must bear in mind that any species(kind) has a few elegant specific characteristics and that, in case of the reptiles, they can be more complicated and the conviviality on them can meet place to numerous pain of the head and someone that another situation of danger.
The care of a serpent pet is different from the care of a dog or a cat. The serpents need specific conditions of life and food in order to develop. As a result of this, it is important to know how to take care of them. Here are some tips that are a must to follow:

• The serpent as a pet must remain in a cage of crystal or a tank (aquarium) to live in, it must be the sufficiently big enough as(like) so that it can move around and also to create space for other accessories (water, the rocks, and the light).

• The serpent must feed on meat, for example on rats. The serpents are carnivorous and in general they need to eat meat one or two times a week, when they are big, one has to increase the frequency and in which you feed them or give them rabbits or other animals instead of small rodents, it is necessary to assure that these animals should be dead, since when alive they can attack the serpent pet and injure it.

• Take your serpent pet to the veterinarian at least once a year. This practice will detect any disease or injuries that it might be having that otherwise could not have been discovered.

Fish- like animal fancy as hobby

The fish is one of the most grateful, silent and decorative pets of the animal kingdom. There are many species with many colors that make our house look harmonious. However, these small aquatic animals need a series of care: water temperature, controlling the concentration of (ph), and the food they feed must be known.

The majority of the fish that are commercialized descend in origin of river tents, Pertaining to the family of the cyprinids, they have a common scientific name that is "Carasius auratus". They were developed mainly in China and Japan based on crosses and different mutations. They have obtained very diverse animals, with varied colors (red, white, coppery, chocolate, blue, marble, and black, with uniform colors or with blends combining any of the above).
In general, you should take into account a series of basic tips so that your fish live as long as possible:

• The fish tank or aquarium is one of the most important elements and therefore must be of the right size so that the fish can move without problems. The typical round glass fish tank is not the best solution because it has a very limited space for our pet. In addition, the maximum number of fish you can have must be directly proportional to the number of liters of the fish tank.

• About their food, it is best to consult specialized stores which food is suitable for each type of fish, which is the most recommended amount and how often.

These animals are the perfect relief for stress. If you do not believe it, take the test: just five minutes in a relaxed position watching an aquarium with happy and healthy fish.
In conclusion, each animal requires different care, but each one has a life which you should know how to take care of very well because they are not hobby objects, much less. 

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