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Aircraft hobby


Aircraft characteristics as a hobby

An Aircraft is a vehicle capable of moving through the air, or through the atmosphere of the planet. This means, without the need to maintain any kind of contact with the surface of the water or earth, in short, aircraft is any machine that can move through the air by only reacting to it without the need for earth reactions against it.

There are two types of aircraft, the machines that allow air travel, known as aerodinos, which are more used as hobby aircraft because they have a greater weight than air and therefore have to be maintained by some mechanism. And the aerostats, which float more easily.

Aircraft characteristics as a hobby

Aircraft as a hobby known as glider sailboat, or glider, are engine free machines, their lifting and translation forces are generated directly from the resulting aerodynamic general result, in the same way as other gliders such as paraglider and delta wings.

Sharing with such similar machines the practice of free flight, this type of aircraft are used in the wing flight sport, although sometimes its use is for other purposes, such as military or research, etc..

Among its most relevant characteristics, is its high ratio of distance traveled to lost height, this feature creates in this group of aircraft the most efficient way to fly. This has been achieved by providing minimal resistance to a supporting force, which is why they have long, thin wings, plus a narrow, streamlined fuselage. These characteristics are those that facilitate the ascent thanks to ascending, dynamic or thermal air currents.

There are manned and unmanned, or radio controlled. They exist in real size and small scale model airplanes, as well as flexible wings made of fabric, for example paragliders, or wings with rigid or semi-flexible structures, such as the glider sailboat and the delta. These are generally used for the practice of free flight.

The aircraft as a hobby

It consists of piloting a sailboat or glider in this case so that it travels for certain distances and rises without any help other than the movements of the air masses located in the heart of the atmosphere. It has numerous benefits like enhanced concentration, releases stress, among other related benefits.

Remember that they are aircrafts with no engine, so you will always be descending due to gravity pull. For this reason, in all the existing forms of veil flying, it is sought to find masses of air that are ascending, which will cause the aircraft to be raised for the simple reason that they go up more than what goes down naturally.

Although it is not such a common practice, each country has its own regulations necessary to obtain the appropriate license or permit to fly these gliders, even by hobby, there are titles and diplomas recognized internationally by the International Aeronautical Federation. 

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