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Aikido hobby


Starting Aikido as a Hobby

Aikido is a self-defense system which has its origin in Japan. It is basically the use of twisting and turning techniques in order to defend yourself. Recently, it is being introduced in the West as well. It has received a very positive response and received well in the western world as a self-defense technique. If you really want to opt for a hobby which is not only a pastime but highly useful as well Aikido is one of the best options for you. It is one of the rare self-defense technique which does not injure or attack the other person.

What is Aikido?

Aikido literally stands for peaceful martial art. It revolves around 3 different techniques in order to defend yourself which are:

• Twisting

• Throwing

• Joint lock

It does not involve high aggression as it does not encourage you to punch or kick the opponent. It just uses the energy of motion in order to defend yourself.

Benefits of Aikido as a Hobby:

There are quite a few benefits of Aikido which include:

• Self-defense

• Full body exercise

• Self-discipline

• Situational awareness

• Defending yourself without hurting the opponent

Technique of Aikido:

When you look at the various techniques which are used in Aikido, you would realize that there are 10 different techniques to learn. These techniques include:

• Tachiwaza-mae

• Tachiwaza-ushiro

• Suwariwaza

• Hanmi handachiwaza

• Tantodori

• Tachidori

• Jodori

• Kaeshiwaza

• Henkawaza

• Kogeki

Once you know these techniques of Aikido, it would be easier for you to defend yourself and to develop the proper self-defense techniques by practicing these. You would be able to use a variety of different techniques in conjunction in order to defend yourself. Also, one more importance of learning Aikido is to gain proper harmony among the energy as well as the physical existence of the body.

The primary benefit of learning Aikido is that it is a self-defense art which can come in handy. In addition to that, without injuring the opponent you would be able to defend yourself which is an added advantage of Aikido. It can take up to 6 to 8 months in order to learn all the techniques as well. However, mastering Aikido can take an even longer period of time.
Thus, if you want to take up a new hobby which would help you in defending yourself, Aikido is the perfect option for you. Once you know about the basic Aikido techniques, it would be easier for you to defend yourself in any kind of situation.

Best free resources for getting started with Aikido

Aikido is martial arts majorly practiced by the Japanese and was first designed by Morihei Ueshiba. The main goal of Ueshiba developing it was to come up with an art that the people who practiced could use in defending themselves and cause no harm to the person attacking. The Aikido has certain techniques which include the turning and entering movements that redirects the momentum of the attacker, various types of joint locks and throws. In Aikido there are other aspects of the physical and the mental training making it a diverse art. The art of mastering the aikido performance requires patience and determination as it is a step by step process. Below are some of the resources for getting started with Aikido.

Research about it

Knowing the definition of Aikido is not just all that is required. You need to carry out extensive research about the martial art and the best place, to begin with, is the website. The online sites hold immense information about what Aikido is all about its history and how it’s done. You can also find information about several training centers that offer Aikido classes and choose the best that suits you from the information you get on the online site.




Aikido martial books

The aikido books are excellent manuals for people who would wish to indulge in this art. The books are written by martial experts who have a long experience practicing Aikido. These martial books will give you the relevant information required to get started with Aikido. The theoretical information will enable you to get the skills step by step in a clear message which is sometimes accompanied by pictures to give you a better understanding. The books can be found in prominent bookshops, online stores like Amazon which has many versions and series of the Aikido book. Buying these books could unravel your burning desire to start your way to becoming an Aikido master.

- The Art of Peace: Teachings of the Founder of Aikido (Amazon)

- Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere: An Illustrated Introduction ( Amazon)

Enroll in the Aikido classes

There is no better way to grasp and understand something better other than learning it through physical practice. To give you a better start in your journey with Aikido you need to find the best institution or classes that offer this training. The classes will be able to give you the experience of interacting first hand with an Aikido expert and directly following the instruction from the close proximity of the trainer. This is advantageous because you get instant feedback and reaction to every step you take and the trainer can be able to read your mind quickly and give the training in a way you will be able to understand quickly. Having a good connection with the trainer will put you in a better position to get extra attention and even learn some of the discreet Aikido styles and that the trainer may have.

Youtube videos

Subscribing, downloading or watching youtube videos can be a good source of information to get started with aikido. The tutorial videos come in different types and they relay the message while demonstrating each step to motivate you to understand better. By watching these videos you can slowly start these training at the comfort of your home by observing and doing exactly what is being instructed on the video. Regular serious practice can make you a pro and the advantage of the videos is that you have all the time to yourself, not like a class setup where classes are limited by sessions. The videos can also be paused to enable you to perfect a certain move. However to use this method you need to be with someone so that the moves being demonstrated on the video can perfectly be applied to the both of you


Learn abit of Japanese culture

The Japanese culture will also enable you to get started with Aikido. This is because the Aikido is mainly Japanese martial art and understanding its roots, origin, and purpose will enable you to embrace the art more. You don’t have to enroll for a Japanese class but can try finding the culture online or if your trainer is Japanese then it’s much better as he or she will possess rich information concerning the Aikido art. Having knowledge about the cause you are following will give a sense of commitment and determination.

Take a free trial class

Before you decide whether you want to jump into the world of Aikido, you can take free trial classes which come at no cost and have no added obligations. To take the class all you need to do is fill a simple registration and waiver form and sign it or if you are under the age of 18 your guardian or parent must fill the form for you. After that, you are free to take the class. If what you see or experience pleases you then you can go ahead and enroll in the class and get to serious training.

The aikido martial arts could be a practice you have never done before and spectating and participating in it are two different things. The art takes time to perfect so it will require a little effort and dedication in the practice. Despite the challenges that come with it the Aikido is fun and very rewarding.

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